Holly Randall
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Beautiful set, always a favorite. Thanks for the remaster; it's good to have these photos at increased size. However, I wish these remastered sets would include ALL of the original photos. I'm all for adding bonus shots, but I don't think they should replace shots from the set's original publication. While this set has more photos than the original, it's still missing 15 of the original shots. (Some excellent ones, at that!) As someone who's been following and collecting your work (at Suze.net, your original site, PlayboyPlus, and now here), I have to either keep both versions of the set (with a lot of duplicate pics); or do a shot-by-shot A/B comparison to see which photos from the original set I can delete and which ones I need to keep. Something to consider, I hope. Anyway, thanks, and keep up the fine work!

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Can I give this set three 10's? Jelena is a dream, absolutely gorgeous and this set is one of her best for any site.
Well don Holly!