Holly Randall
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I don't find this "washed out" at all. Sure, there is a lot of white in the background and in the white stockings and heels (appreciative moan!).

But Holly, like the pro she is, provides good contrast with Brett's hair, skin and, most importantly, the blue accents in her naughty lingerie.

It's fine if you prefer more vibrant colors, (such as in this classic, http://members.hollyrandall.com/members/model/mandy-lynn/gallery/20090325/BOTTOMS_UP!/) but this set is not "washed out" at all.

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I don't believe that "so many" of my images are washed out. For this set, it was a specific look I was going for, for an angelic, soft look. I don't like to shoot everything exactly the same all the time. I'm sorry you don't like it.

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Why are so many of your images so washed out? I have to amp up the color sat on almost everything I download. There's still no background on many of them. Do you shoot against white seamless, or what? Geez, a little WARMTH is a lot more erotic.