Holly Randall
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  • wade: Alaina you are beautiful a perfect calif model with your blonde hair and calif tan your body is so perfect and
    you show it off to perfection Great photo work on the closeups.
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  • wade: Mia you are perfect in every way you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen your blue bra and panties
    are perfect Question? has anyone kissed your pussy when you are in one of your double jointed positions This is
    the 3rd...
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  • wade: Alexis great shower scene the water dripping off your body shows the beauty and your changing expressions
    are fantastic thanks for spreading and the great closeups thanks for doing what you do.
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  • wade: Alyssa very good set which shows off your body it is beautiful the squatting pictures are very good because it shows
    how very attractive you are your legs are perfectly toned which enhances your perfect ass. Thanks
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  • wade: Conny a classic beauty in a great scene the water dripping off your body only enhances your beauty. Thanks
    for showing off a perfect body.
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Various candid shots

I was just going through an old hard drive, and found a lot of old photos I wanted to share with you all. As many of you know, I've been in the adult industry for over 17 years, so I've worked with a lot of girls and met almost everyone in this business. Figured some of you might enjoy some of these finds!

With Sophie Dee at the Miss Freeones Party

With Lisa Ann at the Miss Freeones party

With Bree Olsen at the Miss Freeones party

At my book signing for Erotic Dream Girls at the Hustler Hollywood store-- pictured here with Aria Giovanni and Larry Flynt. 

With Misty Stone and Kayden Kross at my book signing. 

With Larry Flynt at my book signing. 



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Glad to see that Bree is still in the business. I really enjoyed her Girlfriends DVDs she has a smokin hot body. I know she had a short fling with Crack smoking Charlie Sheen and that dirtbag used violence on her. He of course denies it but I'll take Bree's word over his. Any man, if I can call him a man, who'd use violence against a babe like Bree is lower then whale shit. He isn't fit to kiss Bree's pamnties much less wear them. Which I'm sure he has tried to. LOL I predict Charlie is going to either end up as a guest star on the Reelz show Autopsy the last hours of or he's going to finally encounter a judge who won't be impressed with his celeb status and send him to prision where Charlie will probably become a bad man's boyfriend. LOL I wish Bree the best he's a babe.