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Anya Olsen

Every once in a while, you find a brand new girl who you immediately recognize has a lot of potential. I love these kinds of experiences, because it's like I know how good the girl is (and is capable of being) before she does. It's cool to meet these girls so early in their career. 


So yup, you guessed it-- I recently shot a girl like the one I describe, and that girl is Anya Olsen. 


She has such a great, big beautiful smile, that I found myself asking her for more smiling pics than I normally do. 



But I also loved her "sex face". I mean, look at that face!




Anyhow her video performance was even better than her stills, so I'm looking forward to getting the edit back from my video editor for approval. And to geek out for a moment-- I recently bought the Ronin steadicam so we officially used my new toy for the first time on an HR.com shoot on this particular shoot, so I can't wait to see how that comes out. Changing up my shooting style a bit, gotta work on the directing skills! ;) 


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Holly I have often wondered if a beatutiful model like Anya could cross over into high fashion modelling. She certainly has all the assets to stoll runways from Milan, Paris, London, New York and LA. There are so called super models who aren't nearly as gorgeous as Anya.

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I agree... she's one of my favorites!!

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Thank you! So glad you guys like Anya-- she's wonderful in person as well as being easy on the eyes! ;)

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Stunning absolutely stunning!!! I expect to see a lot more of this incredible beauty. Holly you really bring out the beauty, nobility and sensuality of the female nude without crossing the line into crude porn. I'd be lying if I said Anya doesn't get me aroused. She could give the Pope a hard on. LOL But I can also appreciate her fine lines angles and curves. The artist Raphael would have used her as a model. What you do is art.

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I don't know what to say that I have not already said before about Anya. Anya is simply AMAZING. I could stare into those blue eyes all day. You have done two sets so far "Blue Eyes" and "Nymphette". Please bring us more Anya