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  • wade: Nina you are beautiful and the striptease at the beginning was perfect your body is beyond beautiful and
    you have an award winning smile Thanks for spreading your legs and you have a very iinviting anus thanks
    for showing a perfect butt...
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  • wade: Beautiful setting only in southern calif Dillon you are beautiful and the opening scene was perfect you walking
    among the rocks your smile is first class and as you take your clothes off there is hint of anticipation in your
    smile your...
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  • wade: Beautiful setting and beautiful music which leads into a beautiful model Charlotte I have seen you before and
    you have the perfect body blonde hair and pure white skin the birds singing in the background and the
    chipmunks running only...
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  • wade: Alaina you are beautiful a perfect calif model with your blonde hair and calif tan your body is so perfect and
    you show it off to perfection Great photo work on the closeups.
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  • wade: Mia you are perfect in every way you have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen your blue bra and panties
    are perfect Question? has anyone kissed your pussy when you are in one of your double jointed positions This is
    the 3rd...
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  • wade: Alexis great shower scene the water dripping off your body shows the beauty and your changing expressions
    are fantastic thanks for spreading and the great closeups thanks for doing what you do.
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  • wade: Alyssa very good set which shows off your body it is beautiful the squatting pictures are very good because it shows
    how very attractive you are your legs are perfectly toned which enhances your perfect ass. Thanks
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  • wade: Conny a classic beauty in a great scene the water dripping off your body only enhances your beauty. Thanks
    for showing off a perfect body.
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  • wade:
    Zephyr you are beautiful what a creative set leading up to showing your body your long legs are perfect I want
    to thank you for the intimate views of perfect body and the use of the dildo did not distract from all of your
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  • wade: Thanks Bella you are adorable and your body is perfect thanks for all the great positions you get into which
    exposes the cutest pussy I have seen your breasts are perfect and your long hair only shows off what a
    beautiful face and smile...
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  • wade: Mia you have a beautiful smile to go along with your perfectly toned body your long black hair is beautiful and
    it sets off your smile and your body Thanks for all the intimate poses which shows your privates your
    ass is perfect I wish...
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  • wade: I had to watch you again you,are perfect thanks for showing off your body. view comment
  • Torrey Pines: A pretty and smiley blonde Sinner with a luscious ass. view comment
  • Torrey Pines: Bailey Devonish is a beautiful, young woman, and I agree with you, Holly, when you say that she is better suited to glamour nudes than figure modeling.

    Bailey’s puffy nipples, wonderfully shaped ass, pouty lips, enticing eyes, and everything...
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  • Torrey Pines: O, yes. Bring on the Dommes. And more of Luna Star, please.

    Her deep purple lipstick was a good touch, and almost matched her purple labia.
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  • Torrey Pines: Ms. Syre is one sexy MILF. Sovereign rules. view comment
  • Torrey Pines: Just what one of your fans ordered. Wow. view comment
  • wade: You are a beautiful model Lola you have it all long blonde hair a california tan thanks for spreading your legs
    in all the different positions and showing your perfect pussy and ass your use of the sex toy was very good
    at first I thought...
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  • wade: Thanks Keisha for a great scene you have a fantastic body and thanks for showing your smile is beautiful and
    well as all of your body. The closeups were first rate. Thanks
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  • wade: Beautiful model in a beautiful setting very creative photo work. A nude woman in nature great combination view comment
Alli Rae

Meet Alli Rae, a petite blonde beauty with piercing blue eyes and a wicked smile. 

This 19-year old cutie hails from Nebraska, and we got her on her very first trip out to Los Angeles. She’s a very friendly girl with a great personality, just bubbling over with enthusiasm!
This girl’s got a sparkle in her eyes that you just can’t resist, we see great things in her future. 
Enjoy this fresh-faced newbie, we think you’ll be seeing a lot of her around!
Ellena Woods

Meet Elena Woods, our newest addition to HollyRandall.com. I’ve had my eye on her for a while, so when I found that she was finally coming out to LA to shoot I was quick to book her for some solos. 

She’s 18 and all natural, with beautiful soft curves and a sweet face. Since it’s summer we took advantage of the beautiful weather, and shot outside in my friend’s jeep. 
Elena’s girl-next-door look was a perfect compliment to the casual outdoor setting, so we can enjoy her in all of her natural beauty. 
So jump in, and let her take you for the ride of your life… join us today!
Marie McCray

Though Marie and I have worked together many times before, this is her debut at HollyRandall.com. 

When I saw those spiked heels she had brought, I just wanted to shoot a simple set against a modern, clean background with simple black lingerie to accentuate the shoes. 

I love the way the natural light bounces all over the room, really bringing out Marie's eyes against her porcelain skin and red hair. 

This is a new set coming tomorrow to HollyRandall.com, so keep an eye out!

Leanna in Latex

I know you guys have been asking for more Leanna Decker... well about Leanna in latex?

I personally love latex-- I like the way it hugs a woman's curves, the way it shines in the light, like a liquid...

But with a body like Leanna's, it's gotta come off, and quickly, because there is nothing better than a naked Leanna Decker.


Look for this set coming to HollyRandall.com tomorrow!

Dani and Sophia

Sometimes there are two girls that are just meant to be brought together. Their similar personalities, their sexy curvy bodies, contrasting hair color, and beautiful faces that just ooze sex call out for the perfect union. Those girls to me are Dani Daniels and Sophia Knight.



They are both so playful and really like girls, so I knew this scene was going to be a winner before I even took my camera out.


This scene was plauged by constant cuts due to a myriad of technical reasons-- cards running out of space, the light constantly changing as the sun set during the scene, and a million of other stupid little things that made me so frustrated. But pros like Dani and Sophia were unpreturbed, it just gave them more time to play with each other.


Anyhow watching the scene you'll never know the scene took far longer to shoot than usual and that I was about to pull my hair out... all you'll see is two beautiful young girls enjoying each other-- movie magic! Coming to HollyRandall.com this week. :)

Candice Luca

It's getting towards a year since I've been in the Czech Republic shooting, but I still have so much content from my trip that it's slowly filtering it's way through the site. I didn't want to overload my site with European girls, nor did I want to put all their content out right away and run out of these presents from across the globe. I pride myself as a shooter who gets to travel and photograph beautiful women... last year it was Prague and Mexico, this year it will be Costa Rica and hopefully Prague again. I'm even headed out to Florida next week to shoot for Twistys but I don't really consider that an interntional shoot since we're still in America. Doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it though!

But I digress... today's blog is about a lovely Czech beauty named Candice.

She reminds me of a deer: big brown eyes, long, thin limbs, ready to take flight at any moment. Except that last part isn't exactly true-- Candice is as grounded as they come, she was on time and comittted to the shoot day, and full of energy and enthusisasm.

Now since she doesn't really speak English and I certainly don't speak Czech, I could only garner what information I could about her personality by watching the way she interacted with my crew. Though she certainly wasn't unfriendly towards me, it was only natural that she would gravitate towards those who spoke her native language, and that would be my crew, not me.

It's a bit odd being in charge of a production where you feel like such an outsider-- you aren't a part of the chamaraderie, you don't get the jokes, you stand on the fringe of the ebb and flow of the work energy that pulsates through set. It's a bit of a lonley feeling, since I'm so used to immersing myself in my little set world bubble, making jokes with the models, giving clear and understood orders to my crew (my native crew has worked with me for so long they can pretty much read my mind and know what I want before I do). But these people here on the other side of the world are all strangers to me... some less than others (I've certainly become close to Petra the MUA and Jan the main assistant), but I'm still the American girl in Prague, playing a game of charades with the models to get them to perform varoius sex acts. God forbid should I need to explain to them how to give a blowjob or eat pussy more convincingly-- often they just look at me like I'm crazy, a suspicioun I would definitely confirm if I actually stuck my face in the perfomers's genitals and "showed them how it's done". That is crossing the line, but sometimes it's so difficult to get my point across that I am seriously tempted... perhaps the better alterntaive would be to learn some Czech, huh?

Anyhow back to the lovely Candice... a very pleasant girl, obviously a tomboy at heart, likes to joke around an pull funny faces in betewen shots-- but when we're ready to go she pulls it all together and directs those spinx-like eyes upon you and proceeds to suck your willpower right out of your chest... oh yes, she's spellbinding, and we're all under her trance.

At the end I decided to play with my new 50mm 1.4 Carl Zeiss lens and get some shallow depths of focus, which is actually quite hard... I think I got her hip in focus, but I could be way off..

Enjoy the lovely Candice Luca, and keep a watch out for this accompanying video, she'll be back to see us again soon!

Christmas with Dani Daniels

It's my favorite time of year, and so I decided that I'd shoot my Christmas special with one of my favorite girls-- a good friend and an awesome model, Dani Daniels!

Dani has been steadily rising to the top as one of the most popular and sought-after pornstars in the business today, and it's no suprise as to why. With her beautiful face, killer smile, perfect, smooth skin, and sexy curves (um that ASS? Hello!) she's a perfect physical specimen.

But what makes Dani special is that she's so much more than that-- she's smart, down to earth, and an incredibly talented artist. She also LOVES her job, adores men and women, and her performances are REAL. You can't say that about most performers these days.

It's Dani's authenticity that makes her so different, and so sought-after. People like to watch someone who really enjoys what they are doing-- viewers these days are a lot more savvy, and the fake orgasms and moans are pretty easy to spot.

It's no wonder that everyone would love to wake up to Dani under their tree... but since we can only love her in a virtual world, my gift to you is a bonus update of everyone's favorite brunette with a bush... the one and only Dani Daniels. Look for the photo set on Christmas Eve and the video on Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!

Mia Manarote

This blue-eyed brunette that I shot in Prague is back with another sexy solo set! Her adorable round face, perfect blemish free skin, and bright eyes set against tanned skin really makes her stand out.

Even my photo retoucher is in love with her! And who can blame him?

Those Czech girls, I don't know what they put in the water over there but I want to drink that Kool-Aid! They are always so stunning and flawless.

Is this it, you may ask? Any more content of Mia in the pipeline? Well yes-- there's this photo set and video, coming soon, AND a boy/girl set coming as well... that you'll just have to wait for, but it'll be worth it, I promise!

For now, enjoy Mia on her own, and be assured knowing that you'll be able to see her dynamite performance with a guy, coming soon to HollyRandall.com!


Karmen and I had been corresponding back and forth for quite a while about shooting before I actually had the chance to put her in front of my lens. She's a real classic beauty with an amazing all natural body, a friend of Gabi's (one of my favorite models) so she came highly recommended.

Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

Karmen is a mix of Greek and Scottish, but she grew up in Scotland so her accent bares that country's mark, and it is just adorable. Combined with her sweet, chatty personality and it's impossible not to fall in love. The first set we shot for HollyRandall.com shows her in a very green, Scottish-like scenario with green ivy and a see-through, purple lace dress.

After she disrobes, she perches gracefully in an old tree trunk, like some kind of ethereal wood nymph.

I'm so thrilled to have been able to work with this European beauty, and I'm happy to say we have several sets and videos of her coming your way!

Leanna Decker

I've been a fan of Leanna's for a while... many of you may know her as Playboy's 2012 Cyber Girl of the Year, a well deserved title for such a beautiful girl. Leanna is very particular about who she shoots with, so I am excited and honored that she agreed to shoot for HollyRandall.com.

I'm a sucker for redheads, and Leanna is as real as they come. That fiery mane, those adorable freckles sprinkled across her face... not to mention her amazing curves and of course one of the most incredible racks I've ever had the pleasure to shoot.

It might please you all to know that Leanna is also an absolute sweetheart. A native of Kentucky, she's got a soft voice tinged with a southern accent, has impeccable manners, and loves her mom. One thing that Leanna and I have in common is that we are both dog lovers. She actually stayed with me for a few days while we were working together, and not only was she a perfect houseguest, but she also fed my dogs for me and played with them while I was out working! Leanna, you can stay with me anytime...

This is just one set of a few that we shot together... be on the lookout for the accompanying video for "Girl On Fire", coming next week!