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  • wade: Dani a great body with a great and creative scene I am glad you left your bush it adds to the beauty of a woman.
    Thanks for showing your perfect body. I did not have any sound on this movie.
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  • wade: Gabi you are a beautiful model and very seductive poses. Thank very creative photo work view comment
  • wade: The factory set goest perfect with the model Brandy thank you for the great scene and closeups of a magnificent
    body your changing expressions only adds to the allure of the scene. Thanks for spreading and thanks for what you do.
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  • wade: Brett you could seduce anyone with your smile and body you are perfect and thanks for showing your body
    with all the great closeups The set is perfect because the focus is on the model.
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  • Alex: does this mean you will publish b/g more frequently? view comment
  • Alex: hmm. August Ames is super sexy view comment
  • wade: shay a beautiful model with a perfect body great change of outfits and creative photo wok. Shay you have a
    beautiful seductive smile that will win over many many fans. The best to you.
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  • wade: Malena I have seen you before and you are beautiful your body is perfect and I thank you for the intimate views
    of you the photo work is very creative of a beautiful model I wish you continued success. and again thanks
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  • Torrey Pines: Outstanding !!!!! view comment
  • wade: Two model that look like they are really enjoying each others bodies conny has a body that is perfect and the man
    is really lucky .
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  • wade: I lost the sound Karla you are beautiful and your body is perfect. Thanks for leaving your bush I think it adds
    to the beauty of a woman and the great spread shots wow that was perfect. Great photo work Holly. You
    are both great.
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  • wade: Lost the sound at the climax Bridgette you have the biggest breasts of any model I have seen and they
    are outstanding the rest of your body is perfect your ass is as good as your breasts. Holly great photo work
    getting her changing expressions...
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  • Torrey Pines: So very, very hot. My goodness. Call in the fire department. view comment
  • wade: Mia you are a beautiful model with a perfect body thank you so much for showing it off Raven thanks for leaving
    the bush I think it adds to the beauty of a woman Thanks for a great scene and thanks for doing what you
    do I wish you both...
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  • wade: Kami your hairstyle reminds me something out of Gatsby you are a beautiful model with a classic body it
    is perfect I normally don't like stockings because it takes away from the beauty of legs but on you it only
    adds to the allure of the...
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  • wade: Conny a beautiful model with a classic body it is perfect and the clothes and background bring out her beauty the
    shoots at the end are outstanding very creative photography.
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  • wade: Conny a beautiful model with a classic body it is perfect and the clothes and background bring out her beauty the
    shoots at the end are outstanding very creative photography.
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  • wade: a great series of pictures the models have fantastic expressions and some very creative positions just a really
    fun series of pictures Must have been all kinds of fun to shoot.
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  • Bikinifan: Aletta is incredibly hot ... would love to see the videos on these. view comment
  • Bikinifan: Trouble, indeed! Thank you for leaving on the nylons ... just a touch of elegance to a very erotic gallery. view comment
Karla Kush

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from-- but I can never point to just one thing, there are so many ideas that come flying through my brain all day, I'm luckly if I can remember some of them. In this case, the location definitely inspired my idea to shoot Karla Kush in a waitress themed shoot-- not to say that Karla wasn't inspiring in her own way! But how often do I have a set complete with all the furniture to easily build out a restaurant set? And Karla's sweet personality and youthful look was perfect for this concept! 


So I am very excited to be teaching my first nude glamour weekend workshop April 2 and 3 (that's soon!). People have been asking me for years to start my own workshops, and I've finally gotten my ass in gear and done it. I taught a few small workshops in the past at Glamourcon, and found that I loved it, so now I'm thrilled to be hosting my own! We're shooting at a gorgeous sprawling location in Malibu, one of my favorite spots and very private. 

And I'll have TWO models on set, and both of them hold the title of Playboy Plus Cyber Girl of the Month. Ali Rose will be your exotic brunette, and Tahlia Paris will be your blonde California girl-next-door. 


I will be doing lighting demonstrations as well as tips and techniques on posing, and then each student will have an opportunity to shoot each girl in various settings in a one-on-one basis. This is your opportunity to get amazing shots of gorgeous girls! 

There are still a few slots left, so if you're intersted, sign up now! Or you can always join my newsletter for updates on future workshops. Check it all out here: HollyRandallWorkshops.com

Various candid shots

I was just going through an old hard drive, and found a lot of old photos I wanted to share with you all. As many of you know, I've been in the adult industry for over 17 years, so I've worked with a lot of girls and met almost everyone in this business. Figured some of you might enjoy some of these finds!

With Sophie Dee at the Miss Freeones Party

With Lisa Ann at the Miss Freeones party

With Bree Olsen at the Miss Freeones party

At my book signing for Erotic Dream Girls at the Hustler Hollywood store-- pictured here with Aria Giovanni and Larry Flynt. 

With Misty Stone and Kayden Kross at my book signing. 

With Larry Flynt at my book signing. 


Anya Olsen

Every once in a while, you find a brand new girl who you immediately recognize has a lot of potential. I love these kinds of experiences, because it's like I know how good the girl is (and is capable of being) before she does. It's cool to meet these girls so early in their career. 


So yup, you guessed it-- I recently shot a girl like the one I describe, and that girl is Anya Olsen. 


She has such a great, big beautiful smile, that I found myself asking her for more smiling pics than I normally do. 



But I also loved her "sex face". I mean, look at that face!




Anyhow her video performance was even better than her stills, so I'm looking forward to getting the edit back from my video editor for approval. And to geek out for a moment-- I recently bought the Ronin steadicam so we officially used my new toy for the first time on an HR.com shoot on this particular shoot, so I can't wait to see how that comes out. Changing up my shooting style a bit, gotta work on the directing skills! ;) 

Fireside Chat

One of my favorite things about winter is lighting a real wood fire... my parents are British and so a "good fire" is a winter staple (even though no, it never gets THAT cold here in Los Angeles, but still). So I've always had nostaligic memories about fireplaces-- reading in front of one with my family, roasting chesnuts with my father-- that kind of thing. So, naturally, I'm drawn to shooting naked women in front of fireplaces as well. ;)

There's something about the way firelight plays on a woman's bare skin...

But overall fireplaces are just sexy... a warm, inviting place to get intimate with your lover. So cuddle up and get naked!

Modern Romance

Since I've been so busy working for clients, I've not had any chance to travel back to Prague to shoot like I normally do, so I comissioned a producer out in Europe to shoot some exclusive content for HollyRandall.com. 

One of these sets is this boy/girl, shot with BG newbie Erika and her boyfriend Martin.


You can see it's a very different style than my own couples shoots, let me know what you think. 

I personally love the intimacy of the shots, the different POV angles. 


Yes, there's penetration shots, I just decided not to publish them here on this blog. You'll have to wait to see them in the member's area. ;) We've had some issues with the video edit (nothing we can't fix, don't worry) so this is taking longer than expected to publish, but I promise, this set will publish soon! :)

Britney Amber

I haven't had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful, busty Britney Amber, but luckily my friend and photographer extroidanarre CK Media did, and she let me showcase these playful, summery photos just for my members. :)





Since it's November, our summer finally changed here in Southern California, but at least we have a sexy wet Britney to bring back memories!

The Holiday Season is Here

This is my favorite time of year-- when the seasons change and the weather gets a little cooler... OK well maybe that doesn't hapeen SO much here in Southern California, but I still get excited about fall. It means more sexy photo shoots in front of a fireplace. 



It means scarves and winter socks...


And of course, Christmas, my favorite holiday!


I've got a sexy new shoot on Jelena Jensen as your Christmas treat... coming soon! 


It’s that time of year again! Halloween, a time where we indulge in our fascination with horror, fright, and all-around creepiness. 

Halloween started centuries ago as an ancient Celtic festival, where villagers would light bonfires and dress up in costumes to ward off evil spirits. Today, Halloween is a secular celebration, where you might dress up the front of your house as a graveyard, but it’s celebrated with glee and the fun of dressing up. 
People dress up in costumes ranging from scary to funny to sexy. 
Of course, we prefer sexy, and indeed it seems that girls use this holiday as an excuse to dress up in tiny little outfits that they would normally never wear outside of their own home.
Which is one of the many things we love about Halloween… here at HollyRandall.com, we try to incorporate the sexy with the scary. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite photos of seductively thrilling photos of your favorite girls.
These girls are so sexy it’s scary… Happy Halloween!
Check out this SFW video clip of Masuimi Max, a special Halloween treat! 
Angela Sommers

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the beautiful Angela Sommers here at HollyRandall.com, and we’re so happy to have her back!

She’s been busy feature dancing all over the country, which means she’s got a wide array of fantastic costumes. So when she brought this warrior princess-esque outfit to set, I knew we just had to shoot it. 
In fact, all that dancing she’s been doing has really paid off- her body is looking better than ever!
The set will be posting tomorrow— welcome back Angela, we’ve missed you!